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Buy your fiscal device by installments!

9 October 2015

Together to say No to tax evasion!

In the best interest of business and citizens, hurry to obtain a fiscal device. To facilitate this process, we offer you purchase in installments. Refer to one of the branches of Credins Bank or one of our stores for more information.

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“Kompania lider në Projektimin dhe Zhvillimin e Sistemeve Fiskale”

13 December. 2012

Për kontributin e dhënë ndaj bizneseve me ofrimin e pajisjeve dhe sistemeve fiskale cilësore dhe të teknologjisë me të fundit, AED u vlerësua me çmimin “Kompania lider në Projektimin dhe Zhvillimin e Sistemeve të Avancuara Fiskale dhe Administrative”. Çmimi u dha nga Dhoma e Tregtisë dhe Industrisë sëTiranës, në kuadër të 115-vjetorit të krijimit, gjatë mbrëmjes gala, zhvilluar më 13 dhjetor 2012.

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Gas companies are introduced to new tax system

11 April 2012

After more than a year of testing, finally to the Albanian gas market  becomes possible the implementation of the fiscal system of measurement for key sectors in the country. Swiss giants in the field of measurement introduced to the main trading companies the new equipment and the advantages of the fiscal system of measurement.

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AED realizes the next challenge,the certification of the new flowmeter

21 January 2012

AED company successfully realizes one of the major objectives in the fiscal system, completing market chain in terms of measurement control, even in the gas sector.

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Fiscal device suitable for every point of sale!

AED ® zip fiscal device is a multifunctional product, which can be suited for every point of sale due to its characteristics. Further more, it can be used as a fiscal printer when it is connected to a computer on which is installed a accounting administration software or simply by connecting it with the keyboard. AED®zip offers possibility of adoption according to the requirements.

AED ® zip is a registered mark of AED company.